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8-spondylosisSpondylosis is a disorder in which the spine becomes stiff and loses flexibility over time. The causes can be excessive use, injury, or simply the aging process. The disc between the vertebrae becomes worn out, and the spaces between the vertebrae narrow. Bony spurs also can develop. The result is the pain and stiffness of spondylosis. If you have had prolapsed disc, you may be more susceptible to spondylosis.

Symptoms are back pains, tenderness and difficulty in movement of the back, pain in the back of your thighs, morning stiffness or stiffness after prolonged sitting or too much activity, chronic dull achy pain, acute episodes, and sciatic nerve symptoms. Usually this problem exists from old and chronic subluxation in the pelvic, sacral bone and coccyx. Problem will not occur if there is a proper balance in our vertebrae, joints and ligaments.

Bone and connective tissues adjustment and balance in the structural framework from lumbar, pelvic, sacral bone, coccyx, psoas and hamstring can help the malfunction of nerves impulses to be active again and regain the vitality of well being.