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8-scoliosisScoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine usually a developed curve to one side followed by a compensating bend in the opposite direction.

Symptoms and its causes include a side way curvature of the spine, asymmetrical rib cage with one shoulder blade protruding, poor posture and congenital defects of the spine.

How serious scoliosis is it may be chronic and progressive disorder. If left unchecked, the vertebrae at the scoliosis curve will rotate, resulting in widely separated ribs on one side of the body and narrow space on the others. In severe cases heart and lung problem may develop over a period of many years.

Anterior displacement of the entire group of lumbar vertebrae is a very frequent aberration. This may result from failure of the individual to grow out of (in other words, to stabilize) the weak, underdeveloped lumbar spine natural to young children. Anteriority in dorsal vertebrae, on the other hand, is often the result of an accident. The rotation or imbalance clearly shows under strain of motion.

Everyone wants a safe therapeutic approach to avoid risks in general surgical operation, We can benefit from an expert opinion by a conservative spinal specialist since the cause of scoliosis is related in variation in width between dorsal and lumbar vertebrae. By skillfully fixing lumbar, pelvic, psoas or even adjusting the shoulder blade and muscles and other surrounding connective tissues will restore the natural balance of the body structure. Our focus is not only to adjust or balance the structural body but to re-sculptor the total body structure.