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This unique therapy is a revolution of modern and ancient methods. It is a combination of various types of therapies, such as Chiropractic, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Philippine Indigenous Cebuano Health Massage (Spine System Hilot) and several traditional bone alignment techniques practiced in the Philippines for centuries in bone setting therapy. This therapy is capable of helping even in some serious health problems, by setting the bone and connective tissues or fiber tissue alignments especially the FASCIA, as a very significant working system of the physiological man.

Hilot (the hand that heals a lot) is a traditional Filipino art of healing which employ chiropractic manipulation, treat musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments. It is also known in skilful knowledge to reset dislocation bone, and sprained joint such as the knee, ankles, fingers and metacarpal bones, the traditional way of curing cyst, tumor even cancer through hand manipulation and use of herbs.

about1Filipino warriors of ancient times for centuries practiced a form of self defense of stick fighting locally called eskrima or estokada. They also practice a bone setting therapy or bone alignment for fractures and injuries incurred during their practice and combat. They discover that this therapy not only help in the treatment of injuries but even in serious health problems. Sometimes employed with the help of herbal/medicinal plants for more complicated health problems

In this therapy the best way to cure the pain or illness is to find the nature of the disease by discovering the symptoms in the body as a whole being, by reading the whole health pattern of the patient and evaluating his daily balance, seasonal balance and detecting any imbalance in the wrist pulses. Pulse beating palpitation can be compared to x-ray and ultra sound machines in locating the location of the misaligned bone, connective tissue abnormalities and malfunctions in the organs of the body that cause the pain or illness.

The human body is a unique and amazing creation which is evident in the perfect order, pattern, structure and function of all systems and organs in the body in relation to each other. Humans may twist toward fitness or away from it. Our body is prone to illness especially if there is a fracture or dislocation in the spinal vertebrae. Spinal problem in a particular area will disrupt good blood circulation essential for nutrients and oxygen, disruption in the nerve impulses between the brain and every cell, connective tissues, organs, and the different systems of the body. It is important to note that even there are thousands of diseases, all of them are all connected with the malfunctioning of the organs and endocrine glands.

Bone alignment and spinal adjustment help restore the normal function of the nervous system. Bone adjustment help the body in this process of cure and also maintain all organs in a proper working condition to attain good health and the possibility of any illness is greatly reduced.

Our body is nourished through the perfect circulation of blood. If there are entrapments in the blood circulation this about2will have adverse result to our body and organs. The root cause of our organ’s problem could be from the displacement or dislocation of the spinal vertebrae. There are also many contributing factors such as stress and depression, toxin intake from spray pesticides, food and preservatives on canned food and bottled pickles, unwise use of fluoride, smoking, polluted water from chemical wastes, even wrong timing in washing or taking a bath may cause irritation, spasm and twisting of the muscle commonly called “Pasma” and other harmful effects to our body.

This physical method will result to better functioning of the organs and different systems of the human body thru aligning such as the spine, bones, connective tissues and fiber tissue alignments, and also the nerves . Past accidents, bad posture, stress and even bad air that contract in the nerves lead to the dysfunction of many organs.

The originator of this therapy has working knowledge in basic of this ancient martial art bone therapy and other discipline, and was trained in locating, detecting and fixing bone disclocation.  He is a specialist in pulse reading, examination by sense of touch through bone palpitation and pulse beating in the pulses on the radial artery. He has performed this therapy for 28 years and received several diplomas and certificates in different fields of holistic, traditional and alternative therapy.