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My name Susanne, I’m a 59 year old housewife who pioneered 21 years, involved with regional building committee, and disaster relief in Louisiana U.S.A. for 8 months ( Religious activities) I have suffered many years with lower back pain, visited chiropractors many years with little relief. One adjustment gave me amazing result! Because my pelvic was tipped back so had my butt area was much higher & bigger than normal. The pain and constant pressure on the hips is gone the adjustment put it back where it belong. The results are amazing everyone who knows me is shocked to see the difference. My body was re-sculptured. We nickname him “Sculpturer”. Thank you Rolando Arcayna.

Susanne Hompton

California, U.S.A.

Before treatment by Rolando I had a great deal of lower back pain and Sciatica pain. I also had severe pain when I sat down & pain through the hips. I also had swollen ankles after two treatments I can now sit down without pain, my knee and ankles are much better and the swelling has greatly reduced. My whole body fells more in alignment and my balance has improved as well as my body shape. Overall I feel in much better health.

Susan Thurman


Last December 2007, I suffered pain at my left arm with radiate to my left back. It bothered me a lot especially at my work as police women officer until worsen. Even lifting a light object, it so hard for me to perform, even if I uses my right hand it affected almost whole of my body, the pain that I cannot bear.. Then I seek medical assistance. I go through cardiologist, rheumatologist to the known hospitals because my suffering was in tense. I cannot sleep well because of unbearable pain that resulted my blood pressure dropped to 90/50. I was then admitted to the known hospital, I’d undergo series of tests and laboratories, including MRI. In MRI result, it revealed that main cord was compressed affecting C4 to C7 which the cause of unexplained pain. Then the ortho surgeon advised me to have an immediate operation to prevent total blockage because there’s already blockage that time so the supply is already inadequate that cause my partial paralysis. I was so depressed of said findings. I seek another physician to rehab medicine to ask another opinion. I referred the MRI result but the same thing happened to have immediate operation. I requested the latter physician for me to undergo physical therapy, she allowed me to have a trial PT for 1 month and 1 month was already done. I was so helpless that time. I have undergone mixed emotions like hysterical and denial. I so worried because my children were too young for me to left them. I’d already accepted the reality and submitted my self to God. Many friends visited and pray over me. Some albulario tried to heal me but all was in vain until such time its about time for me to go back to the hospital to have an operation. Fortunately, one of my friends from a far “regarded” me. I told her about my condition. She felt sad about my condition but she asked me if I’ve already heard/know about ARC METHOD THERAPY (bone alignment system through chiropractic manipulation, or hilot) which sounds unfamiliar for me. It happened that the therapist is her cousin. We had a talk with the therapist. During conversation I relate him about my condition and I was interested he can relate medical term.
During session he removes my collar brace. I was afraid because my physician told to wear that brace even during sleep to immobilize my neck and head to prevent further harm. He then begins the therapy using only manual. He focuses at my backbone. He then pulled my head and stretches my body and other manual combinations. It was so miracle to me because pain gradually lessens and I was able to move head. The therapist told me that I would have more sessions to complete therapy. I was so happy because the result is abrupt. Then I went back to the rehab medicine. The physician was amazed because of my fast recovery. I did not tell the latter that I undergone ARC METHOD THERAPY. I submit my self to have PT again. After the PT, the pain gradually back. I was so worried and blame myself. So I called to my therapist and I told the latter that I’d undergone PT. After Arc method therapy, the pain gradually lessens. I undergone 5 session of therapy, then my sufferings disappear. I’m very grateful to ARC METHOD THERAPY for extending my life is about more than 2 years until now with out pain anymore.

Lydia Salise

Caraga Region, Philippines

For the past 5 years I suffered severe problem of myoma which created serious problem in whole body, many time I admitted to the hospital without success. After the 3 session of application of arc method therapy my myoma had gone and about 3 years from treatment I have a blessing to have children again.  After the session I notice a great change of balance of my body shape, I could hardly believe that this therapy could heal but I ended experienced it. Thank you for this arc method therapy.

Jemima Samper

Business Woman

I already had an arc method therapy for four sessions.  My back pain and pain in the hips and left pubic area are gone.  I use to have a bad posture, but right after one session I stand and sit with my chest out. My office meet are amazed the difference of my facial expression and energetic action to compared last week we meet.  Thank you for arc method therapy.

Noli Namocatcat


I had been hospitalized for many years and admitted for countless time to the known hospital due to my serious physical problem of gallbladder stone, heart problems and myoma until such time we meet Mr. Arcayna with his arc method therapy.  I am feeling totally healed until today for almost 6 years now.  I am profoundly grateful to arc method therapy for having resolved my serious problem.

Carolina Ligalig

I undergone for general check up and laboratories and confinements to the known hospital in our place but despite the fact that I have been under many medication have a little improvement.  For many years I suffer in hearth trouble and thyroid with excruciating pain starting in chest discomfort then all the way down to my whole body pain that last a week.  I was obliged to take to my bed and lie there without moving for at least for how many days at a time.  Then I meet this arc method therapy, where in five sessions completely help me, and my severe pain have disappeared.  I am grateful to arc method therapy for having finally resolved my health problem.

Felipe Gaviola Jr.

Dry Goods Proprietor

Five year ago I am suffering of high blood pressure, at times my Bp count reach up to 185/110 and feel stiffness in the back of my neck faster hearth beat etc.  One day my Bp rose up that I felt very uncomfortable.  It could have been my worst have I’m not went to the therapist to seek help, the relief was immediate.  Before arc method therapy my Blood pressure 180/110 after the therapy, afterwards true to his words I slowly become slimmer and I no longer felt the usual symptoms.  Even today, after 5 years my Blood pressure stayed at 130/90 even if sometimes I am not careful with my diet.  It is now part of my routine to have this therapy. I am 43 years of age.

Sandy Villarazo