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picture-6Is actually pain in the hips areas, the sciatic nerve extend from the buttocks all the way down to the toes? Sciatic nerve is formed from five nerve root in your lower back which joint together deep in your pelvis. From structure point of view, the sciatic or hips are the complex area, since sciatic nerve divides into many brand nerves that serve your muscles, Joints, skin, and others tissues and its primary means of support and transport, the legs and foot. Structural imbalance in the hips often result from lack of coordination between the legs and the axis of the spine as when one leg is shorter than other or when the spine is twisted to the left or right. This produce a compression or blockage of the lower end of the spinal nerves to the lower extremities.

By evaluating and fixing the lumbar areas, ilio-sacral bone and setting the psoas and iliacus muscles and hamstrings and leg can be very helpful for relieving low back pain or sciatica and also releases tension in the lumbar area, and releases menstrual pain ,cystitis, prostate problem, frequent urination, lower back pain, bed wetting, impotency problem, lumbago and knee pains.