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Many of us suffer from back pain and we don’t know how to solve the health problem. Sometimes we take drugs to eliminate the pain but more pain reoccurs again. The source of pain is called slipped disc. The disc is composed of fibrous outer skins that contain soft, jelly-like substance. Age or strain may cause the disc to develop a bulge (herniated). The result can be a loss of the cushioning effect, allowing pressure of nearby nerves, which causes pain.

The disc is cushioning pads located between bones (Vertebrae) of the back. When one of the disc raptures, the resulting condition is called prolapsed disc. This disorder is also known as herniated disc (and also as a slipped disc, although there is no actual slippage) a prolapsed disc is most likely to occur in the lower back, although any disc can be affected.

8-prolapsed-discSymptoms include mild to severe pain in your back or neck; numbness or weakness of an arm or hand may occur if the prolapsed disc is in your neck. Often serious neck and upper extremity pain is present. If the damage disc is in the middle or lower part of your back, numbness or weakness may occur in the buttocks, leg or feet. A shooting pain that occurs if you cough, sneeze, or strain. Usually one arm or leg is significantly affected more than the other arm and leg.

MRI and CT scan are used to determine the extent of the injury and also to rule out other conditions that cause similar symptom, such as spinal tumor or a circulatory problem. Other therapies to avoid pain in surgery treat this with chymopapain injection (enzyme derived from tropical papaya tree) and other spinal traction therapy. If the strategies fail, surgery or operation is the next option. However it is proven from historical record and experience of indigenous people a more or less 80 % success rate in the non-surgical treatments in bone alignment and other alternative approach to treat this health problem.

If the bone alignment specialist knows how and where the source of the dislocation is and evaluate the spine and disc or others connective tissue problem can help the case.