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Osteoporosis is the most common complaint among women in which 1 in every 4 women suffers this disease at the age of 45 years old. Unfortunately there are many who suffer from this disease even at an early age.

Osteoporosis is not always due to lack of calcium. Sometimes it is due to a fractures from past accidents, Fracture or dislocation of the spine may cause the disturbance in the utilization of calcium in our body caused by weak endocrine glands especially the thyroid/ parathyroid glands. These glands play an important role in digesting calcium and phosphorus and eliminates poison, toxin. If these glands do not function properly, it lead to weakness, disease even twisting of muscles that may cause osteoporosis. Taking calcium supplements alone may not help those sufferers from osteoporosis. Selling calcium supplements is big business taking advantage of this belief.

osteoporosis_s10_menopause_estsrogenA woman primarily has osteoporosis when the stored calcium in the bone is gradually depleted. This is usually more evident after the onset of menopausal. Fracture especially in the hip or wrist caused by accidents and bad posture.

If you suffer lower and upper back pains, diminishing height over time with an accompanying stooped posture and fracture of the vertebral, wrists or hips and you want to have a normal posture and do not suffer this health problem without a surgery this therapy is the best alternative.

This arc method therapy is a maneuvering massage of the ribs, chest, shoulder, Ilium-sacral bone, psoas, knee joint, ankle or foot and spine in balancing the human body structure and skillfully look into the root cause in your body’s structural framework in order to balance your vertebral spine to regain vitality, since many of the organs affected such as heart, lung, liver depending the corresponding nervous system of the spine. In my experience a cyst on breast or cancer is one of the root causes of this problem.