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The neck is subject to daily physical and emotional stress that can spell pain later on. The neck is a delicate balance of muscles, ligaments, nerves and vertebrae. Your neck or cervical spine, consist of 7 vertebrae separated by cushiony disc at the top of your spine. From telephone habits and computer use to the tilt of car seat, many people exacerbate neck problem with the habitual patterns. Neck pain can also be accompanied by stiffness in the neck and headaches which are commonly associated with neck problem. Two arteries traverse the neck; the common carotid, and the vertebral. Nutritional supply for the head, brain, and sense organs passes through the neck via common carotid artery, which lies very near the surface and therefore is vulnerable to injury by violence or accident. 8-siffneckImmediate loss of consciousness may result once the carotid circulation is blocked, even momentarily. Not only does your neck has a difficult job of balancing your heavy head, it also houses vital blood vessels & nerves, along with the thyroid glands, larynx, the esophagus, the trachea, the brainstem, the spinal cord, and spinal column.

Common causes of neck pain includes accident, falls or whiplash “ injuries”, bad and improper seating posture, weak neck muscles, stress, every day wear and tear, joint problems, degeneration, and bad sleeping posture.

Arc method therapy can help restore proper functions to the vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments in the neck. Neck pain has also many collaborating problems in the functions in neck area and also in ribs, and clavicles. Sometimes neck problems are actually the result of lack of mobility in the vertebrae and the ribs. The first rib is particularly vulnerable, it may be immobile, rotated, or pulled up and compressed the nerve against the clavicle.