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s3Many headaches start with a spinal misalignment in the neck, or cervical spine, which can produce pain and headaches. Your nerves carry important information about pain and musculoskeletal function. Once the cervical vertebrae sit one atop another, in a pattern approaching vertically reminiscent of stacked spools, which allow free flow of liquid through a tube. Unbalance spools interfere with this free flow, same with a man’s cervical spine. Individual vertebrae, joined by myofascia nets armor the spinal cord that threads through the central core. Deviation from vertical stacking puts pressure on connecting, enwrapping tissues and the nervous structures [autonomic plexi and cranial nerves, etc.] that traverse them. So if there are spinal misalignments it will lead to nerve interference and dysfunction in the body that can cause headache problems. When this occurs, one may experience muscle stiffness, spasm, muscle tension, pain and eventually chronic headaches.