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Cancer is never a first illness and usually there are lots of other problems that can lead to cancer from gallstones deposit and parasites in our body. According to a statistical study 85 to 95 % of the population has parasites. Parasites outrank cancer as the number one global killer, and account for many of the digestive woes the people suffer. Parasites secrete toxins that poison our cells hence, about of 50% of all cancer patients are caused by parasites. Our special concoction, aside from eliminating parasites from the body, contains herbs proven to detoxify thousands of toxins in our body which is a contributing factor of cancer.

Gallbladder stone removal, food poisoning, constipation, jaundice, anti-parasite, blockage in the artery, blockage in the colon, colitis, eye problem, hemorrhage, ulcers, heart pain, digestive problem, gas and bloated stomach, menstrual problem, skin problem, back pain in the right shoulder, prostate problem, and cancer. Antioxidant strengthens vital organs and the heart.

HERBAL MEDICINE: Medicinal Plants as Remedy
Aside from bone alignment therapy ancient indigenous people also use herbal medicine or medicinal plants herbalist called lunas a general term for herbal plants found in the forest, effective cure and remedy for many sickness and illnesses.
Venom from snakebites, rabies, tetanus, cancer remedies, chronic cough, fever, fast cure of fractures and wounds, Dengue, Malaria, bad air, spleen inflammation, muscular cramps, internal hemorrhage remedy, dizziness, stomach trouble or discomforts, abdominal pain, inflammation of liver, hypertension, diabetes, skin burn.