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asdfCANCER, TUMOR, CYST is a common disease that concerned every men and women, since according to statistics 1 in every 4 person suffer this problem, from breast, cervix, prostate, lung, thyroid , etc. Unknown to many one of the cause is fracture or dislocation of the bones, either of the spinal vertebrae or cord and ribs which disrupts the good flowing or blood circulation resulting in deterioration and degenerated function of nerves, fiber tissue, and connective tissue that can cause spasm, irritation, cyst, tumor or cancer.

ARC METHOD THERAPY in the specific problem of bone area may release the tension of the malfunction of the corresponding organs, fiber, connective tissue and myofascia that cause the irritation, cyst, tumor and cancer.
It is observed that cancer can be detected at a very early stage, and can be controlled easily. Arc method plays a great role in preventing and curing of cancer, since any disturbance of any organ or gland such as thyroid / parathyroid gland, lymph gland and spleen, liver, gallbladder; and reactivating these important glands or organs to work in removing the toxins and dead cells from the body that cause cancer.

A cancer patient undergoes chemotherapy four times and without success, decided to undergo a surgery but prior to her operation her family friend told her to try this therapy and after four sessions in bone alignment she is completely cured and within eight years she was completely free from this dreaded disease.

It is the parent’s role and decision to know what treatment for their children is advisable for a particular sickness or present illness, in order for their children to have longer and healthy lives in the future. Many of the children’s illness need only a little bone adjustment in their body. Oftentimes always taking prescribed drug medication may have adverse effect in their body and in their future’s health. However, if the symptoms persist despite applying alternative remedies, that could be the time to take prescription drugs. However, it is best to try to apply this art of the healing in combination with herbal remedies.
Fever, Chest and muscular pain, cough, common cold, influenza, headaches, diarrhea, abdominal pain, asthma, cholera, pneumonia, gas pains, dengue, rashes, smallpox, allergies, constipation, vomiting, dyspepsia, fracture.