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s5bIt is a new and unique blend of Korean cupping -bloodletting-applied principle in acupuncture method of blood cleansing. Tiny cuts are done on spots of acupuncture points that run along the meridian or nerve pathway of the back of the body for bloodletting and cupping to remove toxins, rabies, clots, etc. The elements of this method of blood cleansing are as follows: ( 1 ) a kind of pressure will cause passive congestion of local tissues in deep and superficial layers and promote dilating of blood vessels, increasing volume of blood flow and accelerating the circulation of the blood so that the blood supply for the skin will improved , the vital force of the cell in deep layers skin can enhanced the permeability of the vessel wall thus break down and release the blockage that cause the illness and disease and the resistibility of the human body can be strengthened and the immune system of the body heightened, which is beneficial for the recovery from the disease ( 2 ) will improved the activity of cells, decrease the viscosity of blood to intensify the flow of cells and the circulation of blood, energy and life force and promote recovery from disease ( 3 ) eliminate and release blockage of bad air that contract in the nerves, promote good circulation, dispersing cold and relieving pain and helpful for the body in absorbing the effective elements of the medicine being taken (4) eliminate the blood toxin and rabies that clots in the blood stream deposited most especially at the back of the body which maybe the cause of back pain, headaches, and nervousness. If you have toxins and rabies in your blood, you may feel tired, drained or depressed and feel pain. Disease and inflammation is created because of the lack or imbalance of life force and energy caused by the blockage of toxins.( 5) Clean and maintain the cardiovascular system. Cupping removes dead blood cells and clean the bodies cardiovascular system so disease never has a chance to develop and prevent problem directly related to the cardiovascular system such as stroke and hearth failure.
A victim of mad dog’s bite was treated with anti- rabies several times without success. He cannot sleep for four successive nights because of the rabies attack. On the fifth night this blood cleansing method was applied on him with excellent results. Now he is free from rabies attack.
Insomnia, nervousness, rabies, venom from snakebite and other animals, tetanus, epilepsy, nightmares, forgetfulness, rheumatism, asthma, skin disorders, mental fatigue and lockjaw, headaches, hearth problem, allergies, back pain.