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backpain-multiple-sitesBack Pain can result from movement like lifting a barbell or others heavy object that can strain the muscles. It could also be due to injury or misalignment of the spine. Back problems are among the most common ailments of humankind. Back Pain is easier to treat if the root cause is from the Myofascia or connective tissue problem, it is more complicated if the source is from misplacement or a fractured bone which will result to scoliosis, osteoporosis, frozen shoulder and etc. Problem areas in the back may indicate trouble or a warning signal from a corresponding organ function. Points at the top influence lungs and heart, Middle back affect the organs concerned with digestion, the left hand side relate mainly to the stomach, the right hand side to the liver and gall bladder, the lumbar area is connected to kidney and the large and small intestines, while the sacrum connects to the bladder itself.