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This is also known as frozen shoulder, bicipital tendinitis, and periarthritis of the shoulder. Acute painful shoulder occurs at the point where the tendon of the bicep muscles passes, like a rope through a pulley over the head of the humerus (upper arm bone). Inflammation can develop easily this area, often for no particular reason, though excessive use of the shoulder may be the cause. Symptoms are pain in the shoulder, limited range of motion, pain in the upper arm and neck, difficulty to flex and extend the muscles and tendons around the joint.

photos.demandstudios.com-getty-article-225-96-stk62884cor_XSThe most common conditions associated with pain in the shoulder, arms and hands are arthritis, bursitis, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, and circulatory changes. Most conditions which can precipitate shoulder, arm and hand problems have at least one thing in common -nerve irritation. The problems exist if there is an imbalance or misalignment in the spinal vertebrae or others joint in the body and in the shoulder joints and bone such as ball and socket, scapula, clavicle, trapezious, and shoulder blade.

The most common is medication prescription of pain reliever, muscles relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs. However, this will not address the misalignment of spine or the cause of the pain. Consequently, prolong intake medication prescription may incur some side effect on your physical health / body. Correcting the underlying cause by this arc method therapy can effectively treat shoulder, arm and hand problems. Proper evaluation of the shoulder and treatment of the root cause of the shoulder pain are the only solution. With experience, proper training and structural knowledge of human body will completely restore health.